Monday, April 23, 2018

Photos from My Weekend

I'm back from my trip and I'm STILL tired. Could be due to the flight too. Altitude seems to maybe tire me out too. Or at least plug my sinuses a bit...

I took random photos of things. I enjoyed eating at both places. Timmies and Robin's Donuts (which I hadn't had in FOREVER).

I just put a whole bunch of photos (and one video of me on the plane. The propeller looks like it's going slow but I have my phone going at 60 frames per second so it can actually SEE the propeller. It's spooky though heh).


Click here to view photos of my trip!

Time to go walk the dogs!

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Snowy Monday

This will be the week that things will start speeding up and flying as I call it.

This week I fly out to see one of my brothers get married. I'm looking forward to it. As much as a wedding can be a stressful situation for all, I'm looking forward to both getting on a plane and being able to visit my family in person once again.

Today I hit the mall and bought some dress shoes. First I went to the Bay and I swear...they wonder why people shop online now....I saw a bunch of dress shoes and asked the sales person if they had them in such and such a size. They told me that oh no, the only men's shoes they had are the ones in the aisles in the boxes on tables. They had none of the ones (that looked half good) that were on display. I shook my head and walked farther into the mall.

Habanero Chicken Burger...So Good..
A and W
I found myself at my favorite shoe store (in Canada at least, in Japan it's ABC Mart) Sketchers. Found a pair right away and was on my way. There is a coupon for next month too so I have a nice pair of shoes I want to pick up before the big trip overseas once again. Should be good for walking the 20 some km we seem to do each day while out there.

Right now it's snowing like crazy once again. The day's been gloomy but also cozy in a way.

I'm going to try to do a video of my trip out to the wedding this weekend though it won't be a lot of 'HEY SURPRISE FAMILY YOU'RE ON CAMERA!' as that's a pain and uncomfortable. It will however be me leaving the city, flying, arriving,  and pissing around the city I lived in for five solid years. I'm looking forward to that too. Just seeing what has changed as it's been 12 years since! (Man time flies)....

I've decided that I am going to buy myself a camera stabilizer for the big trip. I wanted to have it for this but waited too long. Ah procrastination... The stabilizer would be for my smartphone as it seems to take the best video. It's called a DJI Osmo 2. From what I've seen it should be a good purchase.

The weekend was alright. I changed the oil on all our vehicles and Saturday evening I had a bit of single dad time with the pups again but that was okay. I was so lazy I just watched TV, played with the pups and gave them treats before myself, going to bed.

On the way home today, I'll stop at the Asian supermarket to pick up a few things. We're having Soba noodles tonight. I'll pick up some Enoki  mushrooms as well as some green onion.

Guess I better keep working. Have to get SOMETHING done today heh. 😀

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yesterday Evening, Today and Tomorrow!

Last night was another single dad night out for me and the pups.

Wife went to bed right after work let out so soon as I arrived home, it was time to watch the pups and figure out what I wanted to do for the evening.

I wanted to draw yes but even many days in a row and I need a bit of a break.  I had to go grab a thing or two at the store to prepare the wife's slow-cooker recipe she was bringing to her work's potluck today and decided to stop at the Mac's store and buy one of my vices lately...a LARGE milkshake. This time I went for the strawberry.

I picked up some chick peas and plain yogurt for the slow cooker recipe that I was tasked with preparing last night. It tasted good apparently so that's good.

On the way, the young pup got himself hung up using the window controller on the door....I had it locked out but it must not be working as he was headed for the ceiling and could possibly be harmed further but I leaned over (this is as I'm driving by the way), smacked his paw off the control hit the control to lower it and let him down and grabbed him all in about 1 second so thankfully he'es okay, no need for a vet visit (or worse as I had no idea the window would have that much lifting force....eek).

I can laugh about it right? He's okay so that's what I figure. And my lesson is to not do that again.

Let's see what else...okay I arrived home and instead of drawing (like I wanted to), I decided I'd watch my shows. I only watch a few shows lately, some YouTubers that live in Japan and make videos, some artists that draw and talk while drawing, and a Japanese drama on one app I have that's like Netflix but for Anime and Japanese Dramas.  It was nice but I did overdo it on the milkshake. 😊

Thankfully work is almost over. It's been a good busy day though productive too thankfully. I think i'll make the half a block trip from here after I get out to the Starbucks and have a quick coffee there before heading home. It's funny. I can do that as the traffic patterns seem to be such, that if I leave at 5pm, it takes me until 5:45 to arrive home. If I wait 20-25 minutes and leave, I'll arrive home at I figure I'll use that to my advantage and enjoy a caffeinated drink.

We'll see how the evening is. Hoping for an okay one and then tomorrow is Friday! Friday means I will go see what I need to pick up for the upcoming wedding and then hopefully spend a bit of time drawing too. We'll see.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Time Lapse and Lunchtime Drawing

Here is just some time showing me working on my drawing for 35 mins during lunch. This was last week (Wednesday I think?).


Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday's and Slight Food Poisoning (I suspect)

Monday. Ah Monday. Start of another week.

I'm sitting at work at my desk not feeling too hot. I think I may have a touch of mild food poisoning. I've been feeling it all weekend. The warm, the chills, the headaches and the nausea. Today the body aches have kicked in. Luckily I'm not upchucking or anything like that. I have a coffee though probably won't drink most of it. Thankfully I have my trusty desk fan on and blowing cool air at me. I have had this sucker for YEARS at this point. I bought it when working at the University so somewhere in 2005 or so which makes this fan 12 years old!

I'm skeptical if I will draw today at lunchtime because of feeling not so hot. I may just go out into the neighborhood around work here for a walk and some fresh air.

The weekend went alright besides feeling the food poisoning. The in-laws arrival and visiting was good as usual. We went out on Saturday for supper at the Keg as the wife had a $100 gift card for it that we could use. Never go there without a gift card heh. I will never say that the food is bad but it's certainly nothing special that I couldn't make myself.

I went for a quick walk outside to the local convenience store (about a block from home) and felt like an ice cream sandwich so bought it. Sometimes they are so good especially if you haven't had them in a while. Simple pleasures right?

At lunch today while walking outside, an ex coworker texted me and wants to ask me a few work questions and just visit so that'll be nice. There is a secret spot where a few of us (who still work here) and those few (that don't) will go meet up now and then to gossip. So I'll wander over there today. I think instead of the chicken dinner I have for lunch today, I will have to buy something a bit nicer on my stomach, maybe a basic sandwich or something at a sub place. Think the chicken dinner will be too heavy and not help my nauseated situation.

That's all I have for now...Hope the day is going good for everyone!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Single Dad Nights"

Last night I had one of my 'single dad' nights. A single dad night is where she goes to bed early (can range from 6pm-9pm) and I remain up to  relax with the pups.

I decided that a drive would be a nice thing and so to the car and in went the pups, Milo with his beady eyes and Seymour with his harness on (because he's silly and it's easier to hold onto him when I get out of the car or the house if he's tied to a leash).

We got in the car and it was blizzarding of course but I always find that cozy so it wasn't a bad thing.

I bought a milkshake at the Mac's store which has one of those milkshake machines. I've had them before and MAN are they delicious. This time I had a Blue Hawaii Coconut shake. As you'll see in the photo, they wait in the car like the silly dogs they are.

We'll see how tonight goes. I think she may want to sleep again as she's tired so it may be another 'single dad' night. Fine with me. That means I get to pull out my tablet and draw more.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Sunday Blog

It's Sunday.

The day before work again. I'm okay with it as the work week allows me to do other things I don't get to do during the week. I can go out to the mall, I can wander around at lunch, take a little break and grab a coffee and so on.

This weekend was after a week of dealing with sickly dogs. They're all better so far *knock on wood* so that's a good thing. Thank goodness we have pet insurance for Seymour.

We've had kind of a relaxing weekend watching some television and some YouTube and just eating junk food and going shopping a little bit.

I'm just about to go out to grab some shopping for the week. Typical things such as veggies to cut up for our lunches and other necessity items like toilet paper etc.

The in laws are arriving on Thursday this week so during our week, we'll clean a few things here and a few things there every night until they arrive. Quite typical for upcoming house guests. It should be good! That and a holiday Friday will be a nice thing.

I still have to draw today, want to try to put at least 30 minutes in per day every day.

On Friday I nearly freaked out as I updated the drawing program I use (called Clip Studio Paint) and things suddenly wouldn't work. I finally got things working again

I think I finally figured out how I want to display my grandpa's pinball game. I have to hunt around for some steel standoffs and put a sheet of glass on top of them and lay it on my computer desk at the one side. This will allow the game to slide on under and protect it too. I love that it was his and I have it. A piece of history to me.

Guess I should get going and will probably grab a coffee when I'm out.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Macaroni and Cheese Made in My Japanese Rice Cooker

Seymour's Birthday Celebration

Sad with his hat on.